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"It is magical what you can do with old furniture when you add creativity and craftsmanship"

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We hate seeing good things going to waste, as "another man's trash is another man's treasure".

The benefits of furniture artistry.

Helena Kearns, owner of Gink Designs.

Helena is a professional artist who enjoys making "magical" pieces
with bright bold colours. She often stresses that handcrafted pieces are one of
a kind and each come with their own unique story that you will simply "not
find in any shop on any High street".

Helena also empthasises how each piece has their own unique story. In Helena's case. she is devotaed to raising awareness on autism and how art can be a "master of therapy".

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The Artist collection

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Everything we do is about tackling wastage. It is so frustating to see good things going to waste that could have been reused and repurposed.

It just turns out that our method for reducing waste is by flourshing creativity, which we could not be more proud about.

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