Welcome to the creative world of Upcite.

Our Vision

To inspire creativity through the reuse of old furniture. Upcite will be a creative movement illustrating to people what can be done with less.

About Us

Upcite began completely by chance! The company founder, Cole
Glover, stumbled across a charity shop on his way back home from high school
and found loads of great furniture that was about to be thrown away. This
inspired Cole to sell furniture from his Fiesta.

Cole has worked in numerous hospitality roles and hated
seeing good pieces of furniture going to waste. Furthermore, there was a true
passion for helping nature and animals which gave Upcite a cause - helping the environment
by providing beautiful furniture.

Our Why:

We believe in challenging the norm with bold ideas and stories. To explore ideas never pursued before. To find stories never found before. To unleash the most extraordinary ideas.

Meet The Team

Cole Glover

Captain of Upcite

"Looking back, I started Upcite because nature and animals mean everything to me. It is absolutely essential that we reduce landfill and be kinder to our fury friends. As a child, I have always had a creative streak; whether it was building skyscrapers from pencils or simply trying to find ways of hiding furniture in my parent's house so that I could buy more!

But recently, I discovered the wonders of hand-painted furniture. I was so inspired to see what local artisans can do to furniture that would have just been thrown away!

The quality of some pieces was simply unbelievable. This ignited our company belief of providing beautiful furniture that helped the environment".

Edna, The Basset

Company Mascot

Although Edna tries to eat everything in sight, she is a living reminder of why believing in positive change is so important.

How we help the environment.

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681 pieces

estimated to have been saved from landfill.

We help to save landfill by encouraging the reuse of beautiful furniture. We do this by hosting beautiful bespoke furniture, as well as untouched furniture items that could become great projects.

You can help by listing an item for sale on Upcite!

Helping Animals.

Our passion is animals and nature.

So with every piece of furniture saved from landfill, we know that we are doing our bit to help the surrounding wildlife... through creativity.

All of our items are hand-picked to ensure that they are sustainably sourced. As it is very easy to just "buy new" furniture, but this does not tackle the immediate problem of wastage which is destroying nature habits and killing wildlife.

Our goal is to be the inspiring place for creativity & reuse.

See what we are fighting for.

Here are some animal friends shared by our community that help to make Upcite the inspiring place to be.