Types Of Cookies We Use

Strictly Required Cookies

These cookies are essential to our website functionality such as the security and core features like remembering items added to a shopping basket. These cookies cannot be switched off.

- Shopify

- Consentmo GDPR Compliance

- Cloudfare

Cookies                                Cookies Used                          Lifespan

_orig_referrer                     1st party                                   2 weeks

_landing_page                    1st party                                   2 weeks

_ab                                       1st party                                    2 weeks

_secure_session_id             1st party                                    1 day

Cart                                      1st party                                    2 weeks

cart_sig                               1st party                                    2 weeks

cart_ts                                1st party                                     2 weeks

cart_ver                             1st party                                     2 weeks

cart_currency                   1st party                                     2 weeks

checkout_token               1st party                                     1 year

storefront_digest            1st party                                     2 years

cookieconsent_status    1st party                                     1 year

cookieconsent_preferences_disabled 1st party            1 day

_shopify_m                      1st party                                     1 year

_shopify_tm                    1st party                                     30 minutes

_shopify_tw                    1st party                                      2 weeks

_tracking_consent         1st party                                      1 year

tracked_start_checkout  1st party                                    1 year

identity-state                  1st party                                      1 day

identity_customer_account_number 1st party             12 weeks

__cfduid                           1st party                                      3 weeks



Reporting And Analytics

These cookies allow us to measure and website traffic and usage to help us improve the performance of our website. They help us to further understand user behaviour and how they interact with the site. These cookies are set by third party providers. You may choose to switch off these cookies but that may result in the cookies not working properly.  

- Google

Cookies                            Cookies Used                           Lifespan

_s                                     1st party                                       30 minutes

_shopify_d                     1st party                                       Session

_shopify_fs                    1st party                                       30 minutes

_shopify_s                     1st party                                       30 minutes

_shopify_sa_t               1st party                                       30 minutes

_shopify_sa_p              1st party                                       30 minutes

_shopify_y                    1st party                                        1 year

_y                                   1st party                                         1 year

_ga                                 1st party                                         2 years 

_gat                               1st party                                        1 minute

__utma                         1st party                                        2 years

customer_auth_provider  1st party                                Session

customer_auth_session_created_at 1st party              Session


Marketing And Retargeting

These cookies help our marketing decisions and understand user behaviour.

- Facebook

- Youtube

- Linkedin

- Microsoft

- Adroll (NextRoll)

Cookies                                Cookies Used                          Lifespan

IDE                                        1st party                                  2 years

_s                                          1st party                                  30 minutes

GPS                                       1st party                                  1 session

PREF                                     1st party                                   8 months

BizoID                                   1st party                                  1 month

_fbp                                      1st party                                  3 months

_fbc                                      1st party                                  2 years

__adroll                                1st party                                  1 year

__adroll_v4                         1st party                                   1 year

__adroll_fpc                        1st party                                   1 year

__ar_v4                                1st party                                   persistent


Functional cookies

These cookies help to run and improve the website functionality.

Cookies                                Cookies Used                          Lifespan

_gid                                      1st party                                    1 day