Shipping For Sellers

As you are probably aware, delivery impacts conversions massively. Therefore, we have some guidelines and house rules when offering shipping on Upcite to help maximise sales.

Do I need to offer delivery?

For painted/upcycled furniture – yes. Nearly all sales have delivery readily available, so this is an essential feature.

An Ideal Listing

An ideal listing has clear and easy shipping information.

We want to create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience. Therefore, shipping details should be just that. We assume delivery is provided on a UK mainland basis. As a result, you can be confident that your shipping service will only apply to UK mainland. If you did receive an order that is not in the UK mainland, you may wish to cancel the order or contact the customer to request an adjusted delivery fee.

We may change/tweak your listing information to optimise for conversions. But this will not impact the amount paid to you. Ultimately, a clear and simple delivery fee is required on listings. We may temporarily remove any listings that breach this rule until adjusted to the update.

Who offers delivery?

You can choose to offer your own shipping service or Upcite can arrange delivery on your behalf.

How do we price shipping?

If you choose for us to help with shipping, we estimate pricing on numerous factors like size and location of the piece etc. Typically, a £65-£95 shipping charge is added to listings (the customer would pay this at checkout). If desired, we would be more than happy to put you in touch with our couriers partners. You can contact us here.

How do returns work?

Sellers are responsible for any additional returns charges should an item need to be returned because of shipping damages or inaccurate listings. Therefore, if items are to be shipped, we assume items will be sufficiently packaged and secured for transport. To further prevent returns, it is also important to make listings as clear and as transparent as possible.

Customers also have a 14-day window for returns where if not for the reasons above, they can pay for the item to be shipped back to the seller. In this scenario, the original shipping fee endured in shipping the item to the customer is non-refundable. Returns do not apply to commission projects.
You can see more within our returns policy and seller guidelines.


The customer also has the right to cancel the order free of charge before dispatch (if the item is not a commission piece).

You can also read our terms and conditions for more information here.